Tuesday, December 6, 2011

'The Beauty in Our Backyard' Photographs by Robin Frey

As we wrap up our first year here at VFA We wanted to take the time thank everyone who has supported us! We have enjoyed all the great artwork that has graced our walls, we look forward to 2012 and the great artists we have lined up.

For our last show of 2011, VANOVER FINE ARTS is proud to curate
Robin Frey's first solo exhibition:

'The Beauty In Our Backyard'. Photographs by Robin Frey.
Opening night is Sat Dec. 10th 6-10pm, Open to the public.

With all the great artists and artwork that have gone through our gallery, we rarely inject our personal or artistic opinions about upcoming artist and their artwork. But we feel very strongly about the talent of this young photographer and would like to express to you how her photography have touched us at VFA.

The first time we saw Robin's photographs we were blown away! When looking at Robin's photographs they take you some place else, back to a childhood memory or to another place...
She has a way of capturing the moment in it's essence, teleporting you to that time & place depicted in her photograph. We feel if you could travel back in time at that moment, it would be missing because it's very essence had been captured in Robin's photographs.

We believe Robin Frey is one of the most talented photographers out of the gate, because she
already has the inherit eye of a seasoned photographer. Come see her talent for yourself!

With such talent this may be the only time to get these original works
at a great price!

They would make a very beautiful Christmas gift!

Opening Reception: Saturday, DECEMBER 10th - 6-10pm - Open to the Public
(Artist will be present at Opening)

Robin is an entirely self taught photographer who proudly makes The Enchanted Mountains her home. An avid outdoors person, Robin is always out looking for her next ‘homemade’ adventure. After a recent lifetime -awaited trip out West, Robin realized that the most amazing people and scenery are right here- in Western New York. With a new found love for her home, Robin’s passion for capturing the beauty in our backyard spurred on to a new level. “What I really hope to convey with my photography is a love and discovery of the beauty that we already have-that we oftentimes get too busy to thoroughly enjoy”.
For more information on Robin and her work, please visit www.robinfreyphotography.com

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