Thursday, August 15, 2013


"Fractured Imminence"
Artwork by Mark Allen

Opening Reception - September 07, 2013 6-10pm

18"x 24"  acrylic on paper

Mark Allen’s Artist Statement:
As an artist it is very important for me to connect the world with a image that is familiar, but will keep you thinking of endless possibilities. To stay, contemplate, and wonder about the world that we share. I have studied long and far getting most of my rounding at Pratt at Munson-Williams. Where I learned a great amount and became an ambassador to the art world. We have necessities that I try to focus in on. The everyday life that surrounds us. For example a lot of my work contains flowers, fruit, and vegetation. These simple things that we really don't think about besides their appeal have much more to offer. The thought process for most is in the smell, taste, or color. However the nutrients, and or extract that we obtain from these plants are a lot more important. The growth from photosynthesis even gives so much more. Such a simple ripple of oxygen vegetation harnesses, taking carbon dioxide and producing the oxygen that we breathe. A great percentage of oxygen is  omitted in the air by green growth. Letting us exist as a society. I have been undergoing the idea of chaos vs. order in similar realms. Where decay is not an over looked factor, but just as important as growth. I try to bring that in perspective with my line work. The line is the most simple mark one can make on a paper. The decomposition of natural organism, and returning matter in the land is so natural its simple in our minds. But is very complex. A mark on a paper can instill humbleness just as watching a day lily grow. Most over look that and take nothing that doesn't fit in the schedule. I hope it notions to take a step back from our chaotic lives and just appreciate how far we have come. Thanks to the small stuff. 

16" x 20"  Mixed medium on paper
Exhibition will be on display September 07 - November 02
Special opening Night Perks!

Gelato Gypsy will have her cart outside opening night only!

Also Samantha Noeson will have her massage chair inside opening night only!

And finally Mini Cupcakes by Beans to Brew opening night only!

"The Grimm Show"
B-Side - Van Over Fine Arts
"The Six Swans"  Artist: Tammy Mae Moon
16" x 20"- Acrylic on board

Opening Reception October 5th, 2013  6-10pm 
Featuring work by
Randy Rigutto
Mark Allen
Erika Thurkin
Deborah Petronio

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