Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Another awesome show opening  Sat. Oct 5th!!! Thanks to everyone one that came out for The Grimm Group Show opening what a fun night! Some of the artists were on hand Julie Morgan, Brett Nelson Chad Grohman, Chaz Vance, Dan Bryce and Deborah Petronio!

My friend Frank Cavangh came in for the show....Bassist for the band Filter! So quite a gathering of talent people from as far as Cleveland came just to see the show! THANK YOU ALL the came from near and far!

A BIG thanks to Beans to Brew for our excellent cup cakes!!! Gelato Gypsy for the excellent Gelato!!! Judy Wright for her Raspberry Tarts and everyone that helped out! Here are some of the work and shots of the opening early and prior.... Enjoy!

Baby Bear - Dan Bryce

Rapunzel- Simona Candini and Mary & Gossamer - Erika Hess Thurkins

Hans and the Griffin - Dean Vigyikan

Little Red Riding Hood - Deborah Petronio

Maiden Without Hands - Julie Morgan

The Wolf and the Seven Kids - Chad Grohman

All or Nothing - R. Van Over

The Six Swans - Tammy Mae Moon

Hungry Jack - Chaz Vance

Beginning of the night

The spread


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