Thursday, March 27, 2014


"Drop Thy Britches" Oil
 Join us for Cleveland based artist A. Nancy Cintron, as she brings her witty Contemporary art style to Van Over Fine Arts for a solo exhibition entitled “Behind the Laughter”. Paintings inspired by the all female  comedy troop “The Washing Well Wenches” 

Opening Reception:  April 5, 2014 6-10pm @ Van Over Fine Arts - 49 E. Main St. Springville, NY 14141 - Artist will be present opening night only!

Artist Bio:

Some of my craft is wielded from my education and some from my childhood. I had a happy upbringing, with minor road blocks, that molded a great deal of my artistic direction. My artwork is an amplification of who I really am. I grew up in a loud, all-Greek household, from generations of farmers, fisherman and carpenters. Our family struggled to fit in an American ethnocentric community. My parents did not speak English, so I learned the language from watching (a lot) of television. Growing up, t.v. offered a great deal of raunchy comedy. I liked it! In my early education, I had difficulties with my bad english and my ill-tempered teachers. They made me feel like an outsider. I compensated by the other joys in life …playing outdoors, roller skating, soaking in comedies and drawing (quite a bit). Boredom was obsolete, with a pencil in hand. I also spent my summers in Greece, with my funny family & our goats. I'd spend hours floating in the Aegean Sea, looking into the sky, daydreaming and listening music. I grew up happy, and currently enjoy the same pastimes. The colors of my past translate into my paintings today. As I matured I realized how important it was to become educated …and that knowledge brought more happiness. I got accepted into the college that I was determined to attend. My parents thought it was unimportant and tried to keep me from going. To them, education for a female, was unnecessary and a waste of money. After all, it was customary, for the girls in Greek families, to marry and become housewives. My goal in life was contentment and to do the things that brought me enthusiasm. Cooking and cleaning did not excite me… it was painting and laughter that delivered me bliss. I was the first and only girl in my family (from generations back) to not only go to college, but to graduate and keep studying. The Greek (island) culture, that I was raised in, believed in only learning the skill that one would use in life. Education, in general, was of no value. I had to break that chain, but still hold onto my family ties and traditions. Learning is a lifelong experience and is something by doing, which should never cease to end. Painting has been my deliverance.

Education: B.A. in art history & classical studies, through John Carroll University, University Hts. OH Continued education, through graduate studies in art, with a focus in painting & art education, at Kent State University, Kent, OH. Transferred my studies to Cleveland Institute of Art, through Case Western Reserve University.

Influences: Leonardo da Vinci, Edgar Degas, Vincent Van Gogh, the Pre-Raphaelites, Alphonse Mucha, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Szalay and Mother Nature.

Artist's Statement:
Painting and Laughing bring me bliss. When I create something, part of my energy and love goes into that piece. The artwork becomes an extension of my inner self. To know who I am, is to read me through my art.

"Success is not the career that you have, but it's the work that you do and enjoy."
- A. Nancy Cintron, smile-inducing artist & owner of the good goat gallery.


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